Highland City Arts Supporters,

Thanks to all the volunteers that showed up to our organizational planning meeting. There are so many things happening in the community and the arts that if you did not get a chance to come please feel free to attend next month.

Notes to be posted later today. A major Discussion we had was on the 5-10 year goals (to be published soon) and on our open committees…

Open Committees (we need 5-10 per committee):

  1. Fundraising/Grants: Helen & Sue, ______, _________, ________.
  2. Membership and Affiliate Relations: Rich, ______, _________, ________, ________.
  3. Marketing, Promotions, Publich Relations, Newsletters: Jennifer, ______, _________, ________.
  4. Events, Classes, Workshops: KeriLynn, Kelly, Helen, Steve, Troy, ______, _________, ________.
  5. Web: Daniel, Rich, ______, _________.

Please email me your interest in an area to admin@highlandcityarts.org. Vision Statements and descriptions of each area will be posted over the next month.

Thank you,

Rich Hoffman
Highland City Arts

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