Auditions for Anne Frank Play
September 5 and 6, Friday from 7-9 pm and Saturday from

10 am-2 pm.
The play will be held the last week in October, the 25th to Nov 1st, at the Community Center in Highland at 7:30 pm.  We invite anyone interested to try out. 

Further Details will follow shortly.
Questions:  Call Shauna 801-756-9614
More information



Drawing Basics

Highland City Arts Council is offering a basic drawing class on September 8 at 10 am until noon  at the Community Center. 
Cost is $20  or $50 if you sign up for all three classes.
We have a great teacher for this class.  Sharon Cannon has a masters degress in art from BYU and is a very experienced teacher.
To register call Shauna 801-756-9614
Supply List:
9 X 12 sketchbook or 8 1/2 X 11 sheets of paper (need lots of cushion while drawing on a table thus a sketchbook works best), a soft eraser, a regular #2 pencil and 4B, 6B drawing pencils and an 18″ ruler.
This class will be folowed by a perspective class on September 15 and a watercolor class on September 22.


Perspective Class

This is a great class for learning how to get your perspective correctly placed.  This class is taught by Sharon Cannon, an  experienced art teacher with a masters degree in art from BYU.  Sharon taught school for many years, and has sold her art in Orem, American Fork, St. George and Laguana Beach.  You will love her teaching methods.
To register
Call Shauna 801-756-9614
$20 per class or $50 for all three classes taught in September (Basic Drawing, Perspective and Watercolor)
September 15 at 10 am at the Community Center
Be sure to call for your reserved spot in this class
#2 pencil, mechanical pencil or harder lead pencil, also a 4B or 6B for shading
Soft eraser as well as an end of pencil eraser
18″ ruler (see through kind is the very best)
Several sheets of 11 X 17 paper or drawing pad that size
Hope to see you there!


Watercolor Class

This is a very popular class for both beginning and experienced watercolorists.  The teacher for this class is Sharon Cannon.  You can see her work at the city building.  Sharon has a maters degree in art from BYU and is an excellant teacher.  
To register
Call Shauna 801-756-9614
$20 per class or $50 for all three if you sign up in advance
September 22 at 10 am at the Community Center
A lightweight board to paint on about 12″ X 16″ or larger…to clip 1/4 sheet of watercolor paper 
Good watercolor paper (Arches or Fabriano) NOT in a tablet…one sheet torn into 4 sheets
Backs of old discarded watercolor paper to practice on
Good palette with mixing space……we have some available for $11.79 if you do not have any 
Good paints (no childrens paint boxes from the store)  Grumbacher, Windsor Newton or equilvilant
Colors:  Alizarin Crimson or Anthrquinoid red, ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, Indian yellow or cad yellow, yellow orchre,cad orange, carbazole violet and quinacridone gold and ultramarine blue to mix your own green.
A water container ( no glass), an old towel, paper towels (viva is best), brushes round wc brushes #12, 7, 4 or 5, flat brushes 1 1/2 ” and 1/2 “
Sharon recommends Carl Purcell’s book “Your Artists Brain” for both painting and drawing…if you want to get a head start.
Hope to see you there….I know you will find this class very inspirational.


Highland City Arts Council Announces:


Hi All,

We are now filling new spots for the 2014-2015 Highland Children’s Choir Season. Spots are limited this season but we would love to have all who are interested participate!! We only take new members once a year so if you are interested we will begin taking calls to reserve a registration spot August 1stSpots are reserved in the order calls are received. Come and Sing with Us!!!

You can reserve a registration spot by calling 801-492-0590 or if you would like more information as well, please feel free to call. We are looking for children who LOVE to sing!!

Auditions and registration dates are August 16th and 23rd. Our choir season starts the first Tuesday in September.

For more choir information please see below:

Choirs are available for different age groups:

Young Singers 4-7 yrs: Young Singers focus on beginning music education skills, playful music games, rhythmic intervals, solfege, and singing, singing, singing! Students receive a wonderful foundation for their developing musicianship. (This class tends to fill up very quickly)!

Highland Children’s Choir 8-12 yrs: Choir students begin learning beautiful, advanced choral repertoire arranged just for children. Teaching takes place in a fun, safe, non-competitive environment where they learn beautiful music as well as more advanced music education training in sight singing, parts, conducting workshops, performance, and beginning vocal skills. This class is an amazing choral experience for children.

Highland Girls Choir 12-18 yrs: The older girls begin singing in three parts, Soprano, Second Soprano and Alto. They have a substantial sight singing course that they work through as well as being rotated through small group voice lessons. There voices and performance abilities come alive in this class. The music is very complex and beautiful!!!! (There are very limited spots available in this class).

All three choirs participate in beautiful concerts that are performed in the Timberline Concert Hall! Choirs wear beautiful white robes and we bring in strings and other instruments to create a fabulous performance opportunity.

The Highland Children’s Choir has performed in the Provo Tabernacle, Covey Center for the Arts, and Dejong Concert Hall. Our concerts are beautiful events.

Spots will be filled in the order calls are received. For information call 492-0590.


Warm Regards,

KeriLynn Lenhart
Highland Children’s Choir


After School Art Club


At the Community Center

Mondays from 3-4:30 pm

Sept 8…….October 6……..November 10……..December 1

Instructions in various mediums including

cartooning, water color, acrylic, colored pencil,

pen and ink, zen art, scratch art, etc.

$10 / time……Ages 8 and up

A schedule will be published at in August

To Register call Shauna at 801-756-9614

Is there something you would like to learn or to teach?

If you have a class you would like to take to learn new skills or something that you would like to share and teach to others let us know.  Go to this form, Proposal Form for Classes and Workshops, and fill it out and save it to your computer and then attach it to an email to or


Friends of Art


We are always looking for new members and you can contact Corene Bennett at 801-768 9643 for further information or to register.

MEETINGS, 2014 — Twice Monthly
Guest Artist, 10:45–1 pm (Come early so we can start at 11).  Workshop, 11–2pm:  choose your project & potluck lunch.  Also considering Museum tours.              
Membership Policy:  $25 a year, September through May OR $5 a month OR $3 a meeting(visitors: first visit is free, then pay a membership fee)


Questions:  Call Corene Bennett 801-768-9643 or Jo Sudweeks 801-756-9717 

Art Council Chairman of the Board — Shauna Larson 801-756-9614 or


Also, coming soon we will be displaying art from local artists in the lobby of the Highland City Hall.  Please stop and see the great talent we have right here in our own community.    


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