Highland Children’s Choir Annual Registrations

Highland Children’s Choir is now reserving spots for August registrations. Limited spots are reserved on a first come first served basis for students age 4-18. For more information, or to reserve a registration spot for your singer please email Kerilynn Lenhart at highlandchildrenschoir@gmail.com.

Come Sing With Us!

August 27th : Heritage Park & Highland Community Center

Utah’s first ukulele festival returns in it’s fifth year on August 27th, 2016. Bring your uke and friends to Highland Utah and enjoy a full day of ukulele workshops interspersed with an open mic picnic, ukulele jam and capped off by a concert featuring members of the audience, teachers and UFO HUM (Ukes for Others : Happy Ukulele Movement).

Thank You!
Our thanks and gratitude goes out to our 2016 sponsors:

Highland City Arts Council : August 27th Events
Timpanogos Arts Foundation : Preliminary Events & Classes

Heritage Park in Highland Utah : 10400 Alpine Hwy, Highland, UT 84003

Highland Community Center : 5378 W 10400 N, Highland, UT 84003

Festival Schedule
FREE Events open to the public on August 27th (a more detailed schedule is forthcoming).

Workshop Session 1
Open Mic Picnic
Workshop Session 2
Ukulele Jam
Workshop Session 3
Bring Your Uke Concert : Featuring the fest instructors, UFO HUM and you.

5th Annual Ukulele Open Mic & Picnic
The open mic will be held August 27th, 12:15pm at Heritage Park in Highland as part of the 5th Annual Utah Uke Fest. Entrants will perform one ‘family friendly’ song (as kids will be attending this event) a maximum of 4 minutes in length (original or cover songs welcome). There are no entry fees. Order of performance will be determined randomly (so be there at the beginning to hear the order). There may be food vendors on hand; you can also bring a picnic. You may wish to bring some portable shade (though there are some shade trees) and a pop-up chair or blanket.

Instead of ranking ukulele players, the judges will choose one winner in each of three categories:

Outstanding Youth Performance (under 14)
Amazing Instrumental Performance
Outstanding Vocal / Ukulele Performance
Other categories may be added if more prizes are donated. Winners will choose prizes based on their random performance order.

Summer Kids Camp

Announcing our Super Creative, Fun and Affordable Kids Camp!!

Kerilynn Lenhart is offering a summer camp full of creativity, fun and adventure!

Sessions:      June 6-10 or June 13-17

                     Kids may participate in both

Time:            10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon

Tuition: $35 each

Ages:            4-9

Location:     6324 W. 10500 N., Highland

For registration and info Email Kerilynn  highlandchildrenschoir@gmail.com

($5.00 Deposit required)


Monday:  Baking and Eating!

Tuesday: Creative Art!

Wednesday: Olympics Day!

Thursday: Music and Band Day!

Friday: Water Games!

Come Play and Learn With Us!!

Sell Your Art!

At the Highland Fling Days

Fine Art Show

Friday, August 5th from 4-8 pm

Saturday, August 6th from 11 am -4 pm

Please have your art (ready to hang) at the

Highland City Community Center

by Monday, August 1st from 4-6pm

Calling All Artists!

Highland City Fling Days

Fine Arts Show

Entries Accepted at the Highland Community Center

Tuesday, August 2nd

Grandma Moses Arts Scholarship

Apply now for the 2016 Highland City Arts Council $300 Grandma Moses Arts Scholarship

Full Name ___________________________________________________

Phone # _____________________________________________________

Address _____________________________________________________

Email Address _________________________________________________

Applicant will submit photos of three pieces of art and include an explanation card with the name of the art, medium used, artist’s name and phone number along with a cover letter including a paragraph on how you would use the money.

Applicant Acknowledgment

Applicant acknowledges that all of the information submitted is correct and that the art work is original and entirely done by the artist applying.

Signature of Applicant _____________________________________ Date _____________

Please submit the application along with cover letter by _________________to:


Scholarship Committee

Highland City Arts Council  PO Box 1464  Highland Utah 84003

Questions:  Call Shauna Holt Larson at 801-756-9614 

Highland City Arts Council is very pleased and excited to announce our 2016 Theatre season!

The Creekside Theatre Fest. Combined with Cedar Hills Arts Council. Opening night will preview a concert in the park.  Shows will be running in June for 2 1/2 weeks on alternating nights. The shows we are doing are Once On This Island and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. You can see the website if you’d like: www.creeksidetheatrefest.org the website talks about the shows and schedule and directors etc.


Summer Group Guitar Lessons 


Tuesdays  June 7, 14 ,28   July 5, 19, 26

Teachers: Kelly Gummow, Cayden Ottley


$75 Supplies needed -Guitar, Capo, pencil (learning materials will be supplied)

*Class sizes will be limited to 15

*Intermediate students need to know basic chords, be able to change chords easily and know some strum patterns.

9:30 – 10:30

Beginning- ages 9-12

Intermediate  13-18


Beginning  13-18

Intermediate 11-18

For registration and questions call Kelly Gummow 801-450-1489 or Shauna Holt Larson 801-756-9614

Highland City Arts Council and Holdman Studios

Will be presenting the winners of the glass art contest starting April 6th at the Highland City Building, in the lobby.  Everyone is invited to come and see the winners art work done in glass.


The winner of the Highland City Arts Council Scholarship will be announced and their art work will be displayed at this time also!


We are pleased to announce the formation of a new Highland community choir, Highland Choral Arts. We have been fortunate to enlist the talents of Cathy Jolley, a renowned conductor.  This will be a yearlong choir with performances in the spring and Christmas season, with adjournment over the summer months.

Practices will be held at the Highland Community Center (old city office building, 5378 W 10400 N, Highland, UT 84003) Tuesdays from 8-9:30 pm.  A brief voice check will be done with each member to determine range, choir suitability, and section assignment.  You will NOT need to come with a prepared piece.

This will be a non-profit choir with yearly dues of $100 to offset music, venue rental, accompaniment, and conducting costs.  We anticipate a choir of up to 80 members.

Our first practice will be March 1 at 8 pm with voice checks starting at 6:30 pm. Please sign-up for a voice-check time at this link.


For further details or questions, please contact one of the following committee members:

Michael Jemmett        801-664-6063

Annalise Eccles          801-358-1707

Kristi Chase                801-420-0176

Linda Jemmett           801-953-5381

Painting Day at the Community Center

Monthly, second and third Wednesdays starting Jan 27th, at  10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

We will paint together and visit.  Bring any project you want to work on.

Questions call Shauna at 801-756-9614 or Dawn Miller at 281-795-1021


Friends of Art


We are always looking for new members and you can contact Corene Bennett at 801-768 9643 for further information or to register.

MEETINGS, 2016 — Twice Monthly
Starting September 14, 2016  @ 11 am
Guest Artist, 10:45–1 pm (Come early so we can start at 11).  Workshop, 11–2pm:  choose your project & potluck lunch.  Also considering Museum tours.              
Membership Policy:  $25 a year, September through May OR $5 a month OR $3 a meeting(visitors: first visit is free, then pay a membership fee)




Questions:  Call Corene Bennett 801-768-9643 or Jo Sudweeks 801-756-9717 

Art Council Chairman of the Board — Shauna Larson 801-756-9614 or highlandcityarts@gmail.com


Also, we are displaying art from local artists in the lobby of the Highland City Hall.  Please stop and see the great talent we have right here in our own community.