We  are hopeful that we can start events in September with the proper guidelines for safety.

Please call to register for classes and workshops

Shauna 801-891-7183 


Carl Purcell Master Art Workshop  sometime in September or October

TBA announced as available

We will be offering a one day workshop with Sharon Cannon in September or October as well

Watch for further details

Children’s Choir will be posted soon

September will be our annual Youth Theatre Workshop

Watch our website for information: highlandcityarts.org

Basic Watercolor Class for Adults

Taught by Shauna Holt Larson
Now offering a basic watercolor class for those who have always
wanted to learn watercolor but don’t know where to start.  
We will explore the methods for doing backgrounds and basic techniques
for achieving texture and value in your watercolors.  If you have your
own watercolors, please bring them, otherwise we will
provide watercolors and paper for you to use
To register call Shauna 801-891-7183 
Registration $15 a week


Advanced Watercolor Class

Learn a different technique each week –
Trees, mountains, water and much more.
Prerequisite Beginner Class or Experience with Watercolors
Mondays 10 am to 12:30 am
Highland City Community Center
Starting September 14
Please bring your own supplies.
$15/week……Call Shauna to Register 801-891-7183


After School Art Club!

Do your kids love art and want to learn, this is the class for you!!
Fall art class for kids age 8 to 12, , at 3:30 pm to 4:45 pm.  This is an ongoing class, you can join it any time.
Held at the Community Center.  Taught by Linda Littlefield.
Registration $40 a month 
 Pre-registration required 
We must have a minimum of 8 students to hold this art class
Please call Shauna 801-891-7183 to register
They will learn the basics of art principles and go home each week with a finished project
Call soon to reserve your spot


 Friends of Art:
Our first meeting is on September 9 at the Community Center in Highland at 11:30 am. 
September 16 will be our workshop and lunch
Please bring a project to work on that day
Registration is $25 a year
Hope to see everyone there!  Bring any friends that might be interested in joining our group.   This group is open to anyone.
Shauna and Corene
Questions call Shauna 801-891-7183


Highland Quilting and Fiber Arts

Facebook: Highland Quilting & Fiber Arts

Instagram:  @HighlandQAFA

Email:  HighlandQAFA@gmail.com

Program Director:  JoyLyn Rigby   801-361-3176

Current or New Programs:  STARTING September 2

Quilting Creatives:  This group meets the First Wednesday of most months 10:30am-1:30pm  Held in the Community Center

Membership…$10.00 for 12 months

Group focus:  Bringing textile creatives together to inspire and encourage each other in a creative community of like-minded makers.  We welcome creatives of any style, for a few hours of textile sewing bliss.  Bring all your projects, supplies and equipment, (including cords and surge protector strips).  Group Coordinator:  JoyLyn Rigby 801-361-3176

Stitching Emporium: This group meets the First Wednesday of most months 10:30am-1:30pm  Held in the Community Center

Membership…$10.00 for 12 months (the quilting and stitching group meet together.  One membership fee covers both groups).

Group focus:  Embroidery and handwork.  Bringing stitchers together to inspire and encourage each other in a community of stitchers of varying degrees of expertise.  Bring all supplies & equipment.  Projects furnished by participants.  Group Coordinator:  Sue Davis 801-367-8704

Follow our social media accounts for current updates and new information.


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